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Words can't describe the feelings I'm having going to my first Odesza show tonight in Portand. Back in May I flew out to Denver to watch them at Red Rocks. Sadly our tickets were hacked yet we made the most of the evening. My friend from Denver flew out here so we can enjoy our redemption show together. It will be tears of elation and soaking wet from dancing al night.

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almost 3 years

Whaaaaat? How do tickets get hacked??

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almost 3 years

I remember your earlier post about how Odesza helped you in your bad times. Enjoy the concert!

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Nate LeCompte
almost 3 years

They put on quite the show! Redemption is definitely going to be sweet tonight my friend 🙌🏻👌🏻

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Emma Blue
almost 3 years

Oh my gosh. Wow!!! Crazy beautiful

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almost 3 years

Be prepared for flashbacks of tonight for eternity 😉🙃🙌🏼✨

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Jackie Catnip Castro
almost 3 years

Have a truly amazing time!!!

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Karina Herrera
almost 3 years

I know you guys will have a great time!!! I'm ecstatic for you and your friends!! Better late than never right! Have an amazing night tonight! 💞✨💞✨💞✨💞✨💞✨