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I made an odesza shirt myself because i couldt avoird a real one, but im saving money for it so hopefully i get a real one soon💙💎

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almost 3 years

Omg I would so buy this is so much cuter than what online

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almost 3 years


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almost 3 years

you should make more and sell it !! I would totally buy one , great job :))

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almost 3 years

Is this printed or is it handmade? Btw it's really good *.*

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almost 3 years

Thank youu😊

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almost 3 years

That's really cool! Nice shirt :)

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almost 3 years

You should make some and sell it on etsy! I would so buy one. Super cute

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Karina Herrera
almost 3 years

Super cute great job ☺️