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Hey guys! I'm just curious to know your top 3 Odesza songs/remixes. I know that's extremely hard to ask since everything they make is gold but at least try 😁. I'll start off by naming my top 3. And these are my top 3 because I have distinct memories that go with these songs.

3. "Faded" by Zhu and remixed by Odesza
2. "Sun Models"
1. "All we Need"

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almost 3 years

3. All we need
2. We belong Odesza remix
4. Big girls cry Odesza remix

But honestly there is no song I don't love! 🙃

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almost 3 years

One day they'll know (pretty lights odesza remix)
How did I get here

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almost 3 years

1. bloom
2. memories that you call
3. my friends never die

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almost 3 years

1.) If There's Time
2.) How Did I Get Here
3.) Memories That You Call

Fuck I love all their songs so much 😭

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almost 3 years


1. Always This Late
2. Don't Stop
3. Keep Her Close


1. Porter Robinson x Odesza - Divinity
2. Sia x Odesza - Big Girls Cry

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almost 3 years

oh yeah koto needs to be on that list

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almost 3 years

sun models/ all we need

......who am I kidding? just about everyone of them.