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Something about ODESZA, is that you can listen to them no matter what you're doing. As for me, they've pretty much become my lifestyle. My Gf and I fell in love over them, I do homework to them, I walk to work to them, my life is just them. Anyone else feel this way?

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Jarrett Benaway
almost 3 years

100% dude. I never heard odesza before I saw them live and nothing has been the same since!

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almost 3 years

Yup yup yup, so much yes, I even work out and do yoga to odesza that's how perfect they are.

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almost 3 years

This past week is dead week for me at school. I only had 3hrs of sleep last night and I'm so exhausted. I just tried showing my coworker your video rn. We were legit waiting for it to buffer and play for 5mins. And then I realize this is a photo. Just thought I'd let u know 😂😂😂

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Karina Herrera
almost 3 years

Most definitely

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almost 3 years

Yesssss! Basically how I feel❤️ my love for them is strong lol