I watched Odesza perform their first show of their fall tour in the US at the Joy Theater in New Orleans. It was my second time seeing them, first being at Bonnaroo. (Bonnaroo was my first ever music festival & Odesza was my absolute favorite performance, despite having seen Bassnectar and Mumford & Sons.) I was so excited that they were coming to New Orleans, only an hour from where I attend college. It was when I paid almost 200 dollars for a ticket that I realized you couldn't put a price on experiencing magic. They're performance was impeccable, even better than the first. I remember walking down canal street after the show thinking, "wow, music has never meant this much." Their music places me in a trance, whether it be live, in the shower, or driving to class. It's places me in a better, happier place and has a way of moving my soul in an exceptional manner. Ever since, I've been head over heels / absolutely in love with the power being Odesza's creations. What I'm dying to know is what Harrison and Clayton have to say about the meaning of the symbol they chose to use (the icosahedron). I can't wait to see them perform again, less than 2 months until Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival!!!!


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over 4 years

this sounds a lot like my experience with them also... Ill be at Okeechobee too, maybe we could link up for their show? :)

over 4 years

how my suposed to read all thid ?!
hhhh 😂😂

Gavin Hawk
over 4 years

Well said friend!