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"It's Only (feat. Zyra)", directed by Daniel Brown.

Available online at http://vimeo.com/odesza/its-only

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over 2 years

I Love the B&W tones to describe the feelings.

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almost 3 years

Epic in every way.

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Joanna Estrada
almost 3 years

Perfect. ❤️

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diego villagomez
almost 3 years


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almost 3 years

this video... so good!

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almost 3 years



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almost 3 years

this video aswome!!!!
is is not a normal video at all 😉😅

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almost 3 years

My favorite song and my favorite video!!! Cx

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David Ski
almost 3 years

Love it!

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Gavin Hawk
almost 3 years

Bravo👏 That sent me the chills

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almost 3 years

Is amazing

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almost 3 years

Wow, that was awesome 👏