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This is back about 2 years ago right before Odesza became what they are today. I must say that seeing them in such a small venue and the intimacy it provides was my favorite experience ever! They are the raddest most talented dudes I've met and my love has only grown for them since. Just wanted to share a short clip of my favorite song, Sun Models :) enjoy!

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almost 3 years

Love this, odesza is pure fire💓

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almost 3 years

Do you have this video somewhere else like on YouTube? I can't watch any of the videos on this App properly.

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Emmalani Howe
almost 3 years

So much Odesza love 💜💜💜

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almost 3 years

Amazing dude! 😀

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Michael Faigenblat
almost 3 years

It was in Phoenix Arizona!

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almost 3 years

Where was thatt??