Hey guys i know this is off topic but the flume album hasn't realized yet today. Do any of you guys know when it will be? Asking because i know all of you appreciate good music.

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over 4 years

Never be like you was astonishingly beautiful and dare I say it sounded odesza ish?! All I kept thinking while first listening to it is how sick a song would be if odesza and flume made a trio lol they should def collaborate on a song sometime. 😻 sorry no idea when the album will drop but I'm excited for it too

over 4 years

I'm sure most of us hear love Flume and it's not really off topic in my opinion. This place should be a place for us to share our musical interests. I'm sure because we all love ODESZA that we all have interests in common and it's awesome if we can also help people discover new music by sharing Our thoughts and feelings. I have not heard of a release date for Flume's Skin album but I heard a good remix from EKALI of Smoke & Retribution today.. I really love Never Be Like You.. Kai has an amazing voice and the last 16 bars are so sick