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Hey guys made a chill mix if you guys wanna check it out! Trying aiming for a no sleep kinda mix

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almost 3 years

Porter Robinson/PRXZM - Sad Machine (blind prism remix)
Madeon - innocence (day dreamer remix)
Royal - passenger (jai wolf remix)
Gallant - weight in gold (Louis vivet remix)
And I can send the rest in a message! Kind of a long list lol . And sorry for the late reply 😭

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almost 3 years

Great mix. The first 3 tracks I can clearly perceive. I think the first track(absolutely loved it) is a cover version of Porter's Sad Machine, second Madeon's Innocence and the third is the remix of Jai Wolf. Can you give the tracklist of this mix to me. I would like to know!

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almost 3 years

where can I find the tracklist?