Our newest addition to our label Foreign Family Collective is producer Louis Futon’s collaboration with ROZES. We’ve always been a fan of Louis because of his incredible ability to excel in any genre he produces and “Wasted on You” is no exception. With vocals by the very talented ROZES, “Wasted On You” is a euphoric anthem that fuses distorted synths, airy vocals and pulsing percussion work.

Stream "Wasted On You" at http://foreignf.am/woy-sc
Download on iTunes at http://foreignf.am/woy-itunes

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about 4 years

Saw him at WtF and Portland and he killed it both times, good decision 👌

about 4 years

Yassss !! I love it !

about 4 years

Great addition!

about 4 years

please add more songs to foreign family! it's such a good album 😍❤❤

about 4 years

love it! <3