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What's your favorite ODESZA song? I would have to say mine is "iPlayYouListen".

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over 2 years

sun models💖💖💖💖

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over 2 years

ALL of their songs are my favorite!! But I never get tired of listening to My Friends Never Die and Bloom

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Italyia Circelli
over 2 years

White lies & IPlayYouListen!!

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over 2 years

divinity remix :3, iplayyoulisten, koto, keep her close, don't stop

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over 2 years

iplayyoulisten, i want you, all we need, and echoes! <3

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over 2 years

iplayyoulisten is the best

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over 2 years

Divinity -odesza remix😩😩😩 and memories that you call

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over 2 years

Say My Name ⭐️

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over 2 years

this hard to awnser.....now i have to say For us 😊

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over 2 years

"Without You." First song my boyfriend and I pretty much bonded our mutual love for ODESZA to. 🙂

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Brandon Salgado
over 2 years

I've been really diggin "Above the Middle" lately, gives such a good vibe

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over 2 years

keep her close for sure.

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over 2 years

Probably How Did I Het Here :)

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Justin Corcoran
over 2 years

I always hate this question because it's impossible... But if I had to choose... Something About You remix, Say My Name, My Friends Never Die, Keep Her Close, One Day They'll Know remix, Divinity remix, Bloom, Make Me Feel Better remix, Waited 4 U remix, Always This Late, Sun Models, Kusanagi, and Memories That You Call in that order. So my top 13 lol

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over 2 years

Either Sun Models, Memories That You Call, Or Their Remix of Sia's Big Girls Cry.

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over 2 years

Always this late! 💓👌

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over 2 years

Always this late! Though there are multiple others that are tied for a very close second...

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over 2 years

Keep Her Close :)