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How did you guys discover Odesza? Just curious ☺️

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Juan Zamorano Caro
over 2 years

Waves ( Robin Schulz Remix) Radio on Pandora.

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over 2 years

Calvin Harris station on Pandora app

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over 2 years

wingsuit videos with jokke sommer and jeb corliss

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Vanessa Burns
over 2 years

All we need on the Chet faker pandora station.

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over 2 years

My homie showed me iplayyoulisten 2 years ago

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Fernanda CN
over 2 years

From video of Gopro "snowboardind Chile-Andes"

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over 2 years

What the festival Oregon, 2013. One of there first shows after summers gone album

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over 2 years

saw the name for the first time when they where announced for electric forest. a few days later me and my girlfriend just decided to look up an album by them
came across summers gone and totally fell in love! now where about to see them for the 4th time at red rocks!

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over 2 years

Someone from youtube used it in one of their vids and ive been hooked since then. How did i get here was the song

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over 2 years

Mark Miller and Ethan Hethcote from YouTube.

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over 2 years

At work! They where always playing the same playlist i and this one song caught me all the time and the song was For us! been hooked to since then😀

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over 2 years

A friend played "say my name" in the car back in 2014 and I fell in love

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over 2 years

r/listentothis on reddit. The song someone posted was Today

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over 2 years

Me and my friend were walking around a huge rock mountain and the beach was right in front of the rock mountain then we wanted to listen to music to spice up the atmosphere and we found Odesza and omg we literally had the best time of our lives! It was such a beautiful moment we were alone aswell😂🤗

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over 2 years

Heard Say My Name On The Radio... Immediately Loved It.

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over 2 years

Met them as a security guard at Electric Forest last year. Wicked nice dudes. 🙂

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over 2 years

Self-discovery! iplayyoulisten was the first track I heard.