Anyone know if ODESZA usually sells merchandise at their live shows?

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almost 5 years

U can find better stuff online at storeenvy or etsy. Surprising to find their sold out stuff there and cheaper.

almost 5 years

I got the gray tank top at Bonnaroo this year and they had a lot of merch for sale when I saw them in chicago

almost 5 years

Oh okay thank guys! I didn't see any merch at the festival I went to last year. Hopefully they'll be selling some during their Australian Tour 😝

Justin Corcoran
almost 5 years

They did have merch at terminal 5, and limited merch (maybe the location/time I checked) at firefly.

almost 5 years

During their La shows at the shrine, they were selling merchandise. I don't think they sell any of their goods when there not headlining. From my experience going to Hard Summer they didn't so usually not at the larger festival. Only smaller venues.

Gavin Hawk
almost 5 years

Yes they def do have merch at their shows but you prob won't find merch at all the festivals they play though. I say that because I never found their stuff at Bonnaroo last year. It may have been that I didn't search well enough, so someone correct me if I'm wrong👍