(a little bit late but whateva) Wanna wish a HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY TO 😜CLAYTON😘!!! (On the right) When ODESZA was playing in Vancouver, we all got the chance and took the time to sing Happy Birthday to him ☺️🎉

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about 4 years

Woah! A bit late but happy belated birthday Clay! You are amazing in all ways :)

about 4 years

Wooooo! Happy belated, Clay! 🎂🎁 (not that he's gonna see this post haha)

Vanessa Burns
about 4 years

OMG, this is awesome.

about 4 years

It's like a short 8 sec clip. But if you are talking about the videos from their live set, then just scroll down cuz I uploaded one video. Not gonna post aaall of them 😆

about 4 years

Do you have footage?