Back when I became a fan of odesza, it was actually kinda weird. I became of fan of them through my brother and sister in law because they had a Chet Faker pandora station. One of the songs when I started really liking them was "all we need" because it was played on the station. I became more and more of a fan so I started to check stubhub for local shows. The first show I wanted to go to was a tiny tiny club in Santa Barbara. The ticket price was something crazy like 20 dollars. As soon as I saw that I became disappointed because they weren't doing any local shows in the Sacramento area. I waited and waited, and as I waited I became a follower on Instagram. When I added them on Instagram they only had something like 30k. And now they have 140k. On Instagram I was able to see them become much more popular. Then, they played coachella in 2014 and 2015 and in the process they started to headline their own shows. The first opportunity I had to see them was in San Francisco in December. That Friday night show was incredible and it made me appreciate them even more. And now, in 4 days I get to see them in Friday and Saturday. I am so excited to see the odesza fan because it's going to be an experience of a lifetime. So happy. 🎉❤️😊

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Vanessa Burns
about 4 years

Thank you @iloveodesza

about 4 years

Thanks for sharing your story. I became a fan through Pandora as well. First song I heard I just thought, who are they, this is amazing. So in love with their music. 😊