I just want to say thank you to Harrison and Clayton for literally changing my life. Every time I see you guys it's such an amazing experience. Each perfomance is different in it's own way and the energy is always incredible. The way your music makes me feel is indescribable! I've seen you guys at Bonnaroo, Atlanta on tour, Okeechobee fest and last night at Shaky Beats where you guys absolutely fucking killed it! I could feel the bass in my soul! Featuring the Atlanta Falcons drumline was super fucking cool, so much mad respect for them and you guys. Last night was so crazy it doesn't even feel real, but I have video and picture proof to prove me wrong haha. Please keep doing what y'all do for years to come. Thank you, Odesza, from the bottom of my heart. I'll see y'all at Red Rocks! I love you guys.

P.S. The app won't let me post any videos, so here's a picture from last night @ Shaky Beats in Atlanta, Ga!

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Gavin Hawk
over 4 years

I have a video of when they brought out the drum line. I'll see if I can post it.