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Hey everyone, I'm going to Red Rocks on the 18th and have a question. What is the crowd like, is it more rave like or chill? Thanks!

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over 2 years

Chill, good vibes, can't wait see ya there!

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over 2 years

super chill ! every time I see them its been a really friendly
people. see ya at red rocks(;

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over 2 years

I'll also confirm chill and high AF 🍃🔥💨

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over 2 years

Everybody is chill and high as fuck the whole time so expect to be smoking some of the ganj

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over 2 years

everybody is chill and awesome~

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over 2 years

Chill :)

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over 2 years

Chill for sure

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over 2 years

Screaming fangirls.

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Gabriel Aaron Vics
over 2 years

Chill as fuck, fam