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I wonder what my life would be like if i didnt find Odesza

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over 2 years

I would not even have a life I would just be a walking corpse

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over 2 years

I ask myself that here and there as well lol

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over 2 years

r u

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over 2 years

A lot more boring probably

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over 2 years

dude, me and my buddy talk about this all the time. it's almost how we identify. people see us as "the ODESZA guys"

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over 2 years

I asked that question when I was into Depeche Mode.

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over 2 years

It would be simply offle

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Vanessa Burns
over 2 years

Sometimes I wonder the same thing. They have changed me and my life like I would have never imagined. I adore them. ❤️😍❤️