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Hello☺️ my name is Ashley!
First off I just wanted to say how much ODESZA's music has changed my life and has inspired me and my art. Im a HUGE fan. About a month ago got the icosahedron symbol tattooed on my forearm, and I couldnt be any happier with it☺️ I also had the chance to be front row at one of ODESZAs concerts on my 18th birthday last year!(best birthday present ever!!) I was assigned a project in my AP art class and I decided to do a piece inspired by none other than Harrison and Clayton!. Its called "two heads are better than one". The meaning behind it is that when people put their heads together, magic can happen. The two heads are also overlapping to symbolize a lunar eclipse, with the moon representing the end product.

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over 2 years

Aswommme art 😀

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over 2 years

This is so amazing 👌❤