RED ROCKS TICKET UPDATE: in mid-May we canceled a bunch of scalper orders and took back those tickets. Since then, we’ve been considering what to do with the tickets. With our set at Vertex Festival coming up in August, we want to give you a chance to see both our Red Rocks AND Vertex shows. Starting Monday, June 6 at 12pm MT, you can get a FREE ticket to our 06.18 Red Rocks show by purchasing a 3-day Base Camp or 3-day Tree Line VIP Vertex Festival ticket.

We’ll be headlining the first ever Vertex Festival in Buena Vista, CO, alongside Foreign Family artists RÜFÜS DU SOL, Big Wild, and Jai Wolf, plus a bunch of other amazing artists. The festival is on incredible Colorado land, with a creek & beach on the grounds, and it’s run by the same people who do Electric Forest.

Bundled Red Rocks + Vertex Festival Tickets can be purchased from while supplies last. The GA Red Rocks tickets in these bundles are WILL CALL ONLY, and non-transferable.

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Amy Bernicchi
about 4 years

Sebastian Ambriz if you see this text me 224-623-1523. I don't have an extra ticket but I feel horrible and will keep my eyes open for you and your cousin

Sebastian Ambriz
about 4 years

Can you guys put me and my kuzzin on y'alls guest list at red rocks we drove all the way from Oklahoma City to see u guys and the person who was holding our tickets sold them for more money and didn't tell us so now we are stuck in Denver with no tickets to your sho 😱😭

Payton Heinze
about 4 years

What about those who spent the money and already bought tickets to both? Me and my friend did this personaly because we love your music and can't wait to hear you live! Regardless it both shows will be great and I can't wait to see you in Colorado. You play I'll listen.

about 4 years

Cons to Austin Texas

about 4 years

Ill give you guys a free high five for some tickets to red rocks.

Kanga Janga
about 4 years

Yeah so I broke my ankle a little over a month ago, but I was hoping to be healed enough in time to go and experience a great night with you guys, but I also haven't been able to work at all since then, leaving me in a really tough financial situation...
And this ordeal with the tickets is making it pretty much impossible for me to go... I can't afford to pay $100 to some loser scalper, and I also can't afford to pay 250 plus whatever else comes with going to Vertex... Is there a way you guys can put those tickets on sale again for normal pricing, but only post the link on here so your real fans are the ones that can access it. I have been following you guys since you first came to Colorado and it would break my heart if I had to miss this Red Rocks show because of all this nonsense... Please help out your real fans!

about 4 years

Are you giving away any red rocks tickets? 😪