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5 days until Red Rocks! Later this week we'll be posting behind-the-scenes photos from rehearsal and giving away 2 pairs of tickets to the show.

We also have some pins, stickers and flash tattoos that we found in storage, and we're giving them away to as many App users as we can. To enter to win:

1. Add App user "ODESZA Red Rocks" as a friend (Friends & Messages > Friends > Add friend).
2. Depending on the time of day, it may take a few hours for us to accept the friend request.
3. Send a DM to ODESZA Red Rocks with your name and mailing address. From Tuesday 06.14 to Friday 06.17, we'll be randomly picking winners and mailing out via USPS.

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over 2 years

Will you still be giving away 2 tickets?

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over 2 years

This is awesome! 🙈 love you doods so much!! 💕💘

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Kelsey Hollies
over 2 years

Ahhhh cannot wait!! Flying into Colorado today from Michigan😁✈️

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over 2 years

Anyone having an after party?

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Gabe Zambello
over 2 years

First time! So excited I'm peeing my pantz daily.

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James McCrary
over 2 years

Come to Charleston! The vibe down here is great and the crowd that would show up will throw so much energy around it will be a set to remember. You guys are awesome! I listen to Summer's Gone at least once a day.

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Mohit Trivedi
over 2 years

please come back to Australia! can't wait to see you guys live!!!

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over 2 years

Sooo pumped for the show!!! Flying in from California!!!! How early should I arrive for front row??

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over 2 years

love you guys so much! I'd love these odesza flash tattoos ^-^

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over 2 years

Hell ya. Can't wait to meet you guys and get the backstage tour!

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over 2 years

Thanks! I am beyond excited for this weekend!

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over 2 years

@allysoucek yes! i got VIP for red rocks! I'm beyond stoked!

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over 2 years

can't wait. coming from Detroit

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Ally Soucek
over 2 years

youre meeting them?!?? omg

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over 2 years

Nice, you guys did great in Sacramento by the way!!

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over 2 years

beutiful songs. .....♡

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over 2 years

Odesza is truly magical I wish I could be there in Red Rocks. :(

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over 2 years

awesome! can't wait to meet you guys Saturday!

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Jenna Freeman
over 2 years

Thanks for the opportunity!! Hoping to see you on Saturday for another magical night!!