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thank you guys so much for being here early and supporting us! sorry we didn't have a chance to meet with everyone. can't wait for tonight!!

photo: Julian Bajsel

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over 2 years

Thank you so much for playing How Did I Get Here that song means so much to me😍😭

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over 2 years

You guys were fucking incredible!!!! 🔥🔥

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over 2 years

This show was incredible.❤️

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Ian Paulsen
over 2 years

Tori Smith and I have special gifts for Harrison and Clay for after the show, if that is at all possible. We assumed we would get a meet and greet with VIP 😢

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over 2 years

Love you guys so much❤️🌸

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Vanessa Burns
over 2 years

You guys are incredible!! ❤️💕💜

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over 2 years

Love you beautiful souls!