I got myself a ticket for Maya Day Club in AZ! It's going to be my first time going out of state to see ODESZA (coming from SF Bay, CA) and my first time seeing them play a DJ set! Is anyone else going?? Labor Day weekend is gonna be 🔥🔥🔥

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Hatim Hafid
about 5 years

Bay Area represent! 🙌

about 5 years

dj set! they were awesome in December at decadence. :)

about 5 years

@takeyouhigher90 I went to their show in Dec but not their dj set. Their dj set sold out with the quickness!! I wasn't aware that they had a dj set in SJ, but I did go to their show at SJSU... I'm honestly pretty stoked for AZ bc the venue looks dope!! Chillin in a pool listening to ODESZA spin live sounds like a dream 😎

about 5 years

how come you weren't able to go to the sf show back in December or the one in SJ in may?

about 5 years

Not me.... But have fun 😄