December 29-31, 2016 (Set Date TBA)
South Lake Tahoe, CA


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over 3 years

I wish I could go to that 😥 are you guys ever gonna do something in Seattle? I really want to go see it. the Paramount maybe?

Robin Laura
over 3 years

yessss!! cannot wait for this year's snowglobe! it is going to epic. #snowglobe2016 #snerglerb #sg16


get your LAST CHANCE tickets now before they sell out!!


Stefan Andrew
almost 4 years


Rachel Shaw
almost 4 years

ODESZA!! I first went to snowglobe to see you!! So excited my love of EDM is coming full circle and I get to see you guys there once again! This makes my 5th time!! LOVE!! 💜💜💜💜💜

Braden Pettigrew
almost 4 years

Omgggg I can't wait! :D

Kelsey Hollies
almost 4 years

Such a good lineup!!!!!

almost 4 years

This lineup is amazeeee

Lisa Olson
almost 4 years

Amazing. 🙌🏼😮😍😄😆

almost 4 years

I'm so glad I bought a ticket! 😀 hopefully the boys play some of their unreleased songs 🙏 😁

Tyler Strycula
almost 4 years

Gonna cry at SnowGlobe 😭😭

almost 4 years

This lineup is amazing😍. I unfortunately can't afford to go this time around but hopefully I get to see you guys soon😭😘

almost 4 years

come to Tokyo please

almost 4 years

Bought my ticket as soon as I saw the line up. Insane 🔥🔥🔥

Juliette Bonnaire
almost 4 years

And PARIS ????