My first tattoo and wouldn't want it to be anything else. Can't wait to have it touched up and given dimension. Your music and creativity has such a special place in my heart, and you guys have no idea how much it has lifted my mood in the toughest times of my life. Much love Harrison & Clayton❤️

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about 4 years

this is awesome i eventually wanna get one like this too

Connor Gilliam
about 4 years

Hell yea👌🏽

Isabel Bonilla
about 4 years

Amazing, I need one!!

about 4 years

Looks heaps good, post an update when when its finished, need some ideas for my Odesza tattoo

Alee Rowe
about 4 years

Ps: it is off center because it was done in the place that my pulse can be felt; (a direct lead to my heart.) ❤️