Traveling from Fort Lauderdale Florida for the red rocks show, but could use a little advice from fellow fans! Considering I'm practically traveling cross country for this show, but it's a college grad gift to myself, just wanted to know if I should do the extra splurging for a VIP meet and greet ticket? If you have experienced their VIP meet and greet before what was it like, and will it be worth the extra splurging? Thanks friends! 💘

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Luis San Martin
over 3 years

VIP is not needed in my opinion. Unless you are attending alone. If you have a crew, go to GA. Go early and get a good seat.

Emery Hills
over 3 years

No need for VIP in my opinion

Ian Paulsen
over 3 years

Definitely, the seating along is worth it because you get the prime seating area with a lot of space

over 3 years

VIP for sure!! If you're traveling that from far... It'll be so worth it👌 congrats on the college grad by the way ☺

over 3 years

Totally worth it. I travelled from Dallas last year and did the VIP+ last year. We got to meet them but it was a complete surprise to meet them. Getting the same package again this year!