I'm so amped to see ODESZA at Snowglobe and Red Rocks😄 🔊🎵🎶‼️I'm dying to know about who will play before ODESZA comes on. Out of all the foreign family collective artists , who would you like to see at Red rocks to open for ODESZA.? I would love to Hopefully see Golden Features, Louis Futon or Autolaser in Colorado.🙏

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over 3 years

Big wild or rufus du sol

over 3 years

Louis futon and Big Wild both opened this year at red rocks. it was amazing. Rufus killed it too! I'd like to see Jai Wolf again. he'd be an amazing opener

over 3 years

big wild <3

over 3 years

big wild for sure

Alee Rowe
over 3 years

Louis Futon!