my amazing girlfriend got me tickets to night one at the rocks but looking for 2 night 2 tickets as well heard they are releasing more in march can anyone confirm this?

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over 3 years

Yes everything that beautiful soul said ^^ join our group on FB. Odesza FACE VALUE ticket exchange.

over 3 years

They are cancelling the fake orders or orders where people ordered more than 4 tickets by march 1st. There will be tickets put up back for sale you just need to keep an eye after march 1st. Last year when they did this they didn't release the tickets until a week or two before the show so hopefully they will do it earlier this year.

over 3 years

not sure they are releasing more, but as it gets closer to show date check out stubhub and other secondhand sellers even craigslist. hopefully people aren't cheap and resell for face value!