do you guys know if anyone is opening for odesza at red rocks like last year?

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almost 4 years

I was there last year, I remember! I really hope Big Wild comes back, Louis Futon too. Idk who Chet Porter is, but Chet Faker would be awesome

almost 4 years

I'm thinking Chet Porter will be one of the openers.

Colton McCutchan
almost 4 years

Slow Magic, Big Wild, Louis Futon!? Rufus opened last year along with Big Wild and Louis Futon. Rufus is playing a show with Chromeo @ Red Rocks though later on in the summer so I think he's out.

Vanessa Burns
almost 4 years

And maybe big wild.

Taylor Cline
almost 4 years

^^what he said

almost 4 years

I have a feeling slow magic will open for them