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this was odesza's red rocks show last year. such a beautiful turn out! felt so much love and good vibes at this venue and the crowd was amazing!! can't wait to return to red rocks in May! ill be going to the saturday show so comment if you'll be there! i'd love to meet as many fans as possible! odesza has been such a big part of my life especially with music and expanding my mind to different sounds i loveeeee odesza and all their fans who respect good music ❤️ much love to all of you!!!

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Justin Oliverio
over 1 year

Wish they'd make this show into a live album or DVD

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over 1 year

I was there last yr with my twin brother and a few others - I actually can see myself in your picture haha such an insane show, looking forward even more to this year's!

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over 1 year

Looks beautiful

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Colton McCutchan
over 1 year

And it was on the summer solstice :) ✨
I posted about a possible fan meet up a couple days ago, multiple people have hit me up! Add me on Facebook