line of sight was a disappointment but they got me with late night.

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about 3 years

@Jenifer Flores don't be a bully, who are you to tell someone to leave this forum? If you're happy with a below average generic EDM song that happened to be released by ODESZA that's great, enjoy the heck out of it. But some of us expected more than what Line of Sight delivered. But please, if you're going to standoffish do us all a favor and keep it to yourself. We're allowed to disagree but when you start being derogatory towards others.. NO ONE LIKES IT

Taylor Cline
about 3 years

Both songs are amazing

about 3 years

I don't recall saying I disliked the track? it was just a let down because we waited 3 years and got a very generic edm alike song. why would I delete this app when I have had it since they launched it? thing about opinion is that it's subjective. Isn't that just crazy?! people have different opinions.

Jenifer Flores
about 3 years

screw you. if you don't like there music then DELETE THIS APP.

about 3 years

i feel like all the hype really ruined the songs.... late night grows on me a bit more every time though