Why all this hate on ODESZA?? they're amazing and are doing what they love. They're creating from their hearts and I think it sounds beautiful. This app was created to stay updated on ODESZA and be one community... Then, it shaped us into a family. We all lift each other up and there are so many positive vibes on here. So let's keep it that way! Music speaks to all of us differently, and I think it still brings pure bliss. There is magic in every song because you can feel it from Clayton and Harrison. At least I can. ODESZA has got me through so many hard times, has made my happy days more bright, and my life looking forward!
Clayton and Harrison I know you are working extremely hard on EVERYTHING. Keep it up. I'm still vibing✨ Much love~~ from a Day 1 fan xoxo

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Taylor Cline
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over 3 years

Ayyee plur vibes

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You..... I like you. Well said pham

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