Really excited that there is an app for Odesza you guys literally are my favorite your music has helped me stay calm when I'm worried and panic to the point where I have seizures I havnt had an episode in a while and I feel like it's all thanks to you guys and my girlfriend of course for takin my hand and telling me everything is going to be okay !!!! Thank you so much for that I hope I get to see you guys soon it will be a dream come true !! The first time I wanted to see you when y'all were local I wasn't 21 :/ big bummer the second time sold out and now the third I'm on vacation and y'all just played now but 20 min from my house :(( I know I will get to see you one day and when I do it will be the most amazing thing in the world !! Peace and love☮✌🏼💚💙

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