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Blown away by the amount of submissions (over 1000!) for the Late Night video. Cutting it all together now

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Brett Walker
over 1 year

Pick mine!! 🙏 see y'all at red rocks Saturday!

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Vanessa Burns
over 1 year

What a great idea!! Totally can't wait to see the final edit and the new video!! ❤️❤️❤️

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Jenifer Flores
over 1 year

it would mean the world to me if i see one of my videos in the music video😭❤️ I was gonna put the video of my catching Clay's drumstick but the quality wasn't very good sadly. Can't wait for the final result Kusanagi!

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over 1 year

This is so exciting!! Hoping to make the cut! See you at red rocks! 💕

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over 1 year

So excited to see the final video 💕💕💕 love you guys !!!