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dear odesza fam! im taking 12 friends to this saturday night show for my birthday i just happen to have an extra ticket if anyone wants it i would be more than happy to give it away at this point! just message me! @ODESZA share if needed:)

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over 1 year

hello friend! I'm ash from st. louis. I'm omw now and have bought a ticket from Craigslist like a fool and was Bamboozled :/ I'm curious if ya still had an extra I could throw u some money for

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over 1 year

Is it still up for grabs?

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over 1 year

I wishhhhhhh 😭😭😭😭😭

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Brit Brothers
over 1 year

Already have a ticket but I appreciate your good vibes and I hope you have the best birthday!

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Jaiden Begay
over 1 year

You still have le ticket my friend?:)

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Nathan Turk
over 1 year

I'll buy that from you!