well no one is going to read this, but since i've got depression my life goes down, i have a lot of problems cuting my self.. and stuff, but when i started listening to Odesza my life changed a lot, today i've got less % of depression,thank you Odesza for your nice and perfect songs

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Justin Oliverio
almost 3 years

Depression happens to Lots of people, and I've battled it before. Keep searching and enjoying things that make you happy. If you feel like you want to hurt yourself call a suicide or depression hotline and talk it out. You can also message me

Izel Heredia
almost 3 years

I can actually relate to this...Odesza helped be through my hard times and when i would relapse. They are such an inspirationđź’›

Ariel Marie
almost 3 years

Props to you for battling your depression with strength. Music has incredible healing powers!!

Jack Dierks
almost 3 years

If you would like a random stranger to talk to I'd be happy to listen