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Announcing the 2017 A Moment Apart Tour. http://odesza.com/shows

We'll have all new stage production and visuals, some of which we debuted a few weeks ago at Red Rocks, and of course a lot of new music. Pre-sale starts Tuesday, June 13 at 10am local time using password: APART. Can't wait to see you out there!

Sun, Sep 3 — Seattle, WA @ Bumbershoot
Thu, Sep 14 — Auckland, NZ
Fri, Sep 15 — Melbourne, AU
Sat, Sep 16 — Sydney, AU
Fri, Sep 29 — London, UK
Sat, Sep 30 — Paris, FR
Tue, Oct 3 — Brussels, BE
Thu, Oct 5 — Amsterdam, NL
Sat, Oct 7 — Berlin, DE
Fri, Oct 20 — Los Angeles, CA
Sun, Oct 22 — Phoenix, AZ @ Lost Lake Festival
Tue, Oct 24 — Santa Barbara, CA
Thu, Oct 26 — Berkeley, CA
Fri, Nov 3 — Vancouver, BC
Wed, Nov 8 — Minneapolis, MN
Fri, Nov 10 — Madison, WI
Sat, Nov 11 — Chicago, IL
Tue, Nov 14 — Detroit, MI
Fri, Nov 17 — Montreal, QC
Tue, Nov 21 — Philadelphia, PA
Fri, Dec 15 — Brooklyn, NY

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Natalie Ngonela
10 months

Wish I could be there, but I live halfaway across the world. You HAVE to come to South Africa, though!

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over 1 year

I'm speechless. Plz come to Tyler,Tx plz plz

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Lily Ciccotelli
over 1 year

Asia is waiting for you!! I, personally, am wholeheartedly waiting for your arrival in Singapore.
Do present us with your magical presence... 🌈✨🙏💜

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over 1 year

scooped up 2 tix for your show in LA! Denver to LA or bust! Your red rocks show was absolutely unforgettable....I think a lot of us are hoping and wishing and believing you will return to RR for 2018!????? Either way, I can't wait to see you perform your new album joints! #octoberistoofaraway #mayhavetoflytoeurope #acceptingeurodonations #odeszafam

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Ali C
over 1 year

Just bought my ticket to see you guys in Amsterdam!! I couldnt read a thing because it was all in Dutch but I got a purchase 😝 hoping to get those red rocks vibes again Europe 〰 #secondtimearoundin2017

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Caroline Clements
over 1 year

^it will also be my fourth time, if you come to DC 😎 #fangirlingsohardrightnow

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Emma Rose Vander Ende
over 1 year

I will be seeing you for the fourth time! :) Love your music very, very much.

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Caroline Clements
over 1 year

Plz come to DC for thanksgiving!!! We will throw another turkey in the oven 😏🦃

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over 1 year

Red rocks was amazing!! You guys are magic! Fakear and slow magic definitely killed it too!! Can't wait to see in Chicago nov 11th! Got my tickets!!

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over 1 year

ahh I am nervous I can't find the page I was on b4 with the presale count down!!!

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Adam James Gunderson
over 1 year


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Jessica Blanco
over 1 year

😏✌🏼Yessss! Santa Barbara.

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over 1 year

Please come to texasssss!!!!! 😊💕

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over 1 year

Will the new stage production be at electric forest? Or just the fall tour dates?

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over 1 year


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over 1 year

You boys know you want to come back to New Orleans.

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Chloe Cisneros
over 1 year


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over 1 year

I'm so excited see you at Berkeley 💋

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Nate LeCompte
over 1 year

No Boston come on guys! We need you back.

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over 1 year

Find me in Sydney and Minneapolis!