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Every ticket purchased online for U.S. shows (excluding festivals) on our Fall 2017 tour includes a CD of our new album, ‘A Moment Apart’!  If you’ve already purchased a ticket, check your email for details on how to redeem your CD.

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Quentin McComas
8 months

When do we get the albums

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8 months

lol I went to red rocks and got tickets for lost lake, also did vip at red rocks, I think I deserve a cd lol. It's okay I'll buy it 🤙🏽

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8 months

I bought a ticket for Portland today but didn't get an email about the CD, no worries I already pre ordered the vinyls :)

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8 months

And what about european shows? 😢😢

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Lisa Olson
8 months

Yay!! Thank you!!

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8 months

Got my tickets and the emails! Thank you!!!!

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Atssini Cabrera
8 months

But I'm going to bumbershoot!!! Wahhhhh

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8 months

I don't think red rocks counts. it's for the "a moment apart" tour

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8 months

I get a cd for one friend if you want to give me your email!

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8 months

of course the one tickets I bought are for lost lake haha. either way I'm getting this magic

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8 months

Yeah! Does it?

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8 months

Does red rocks count???

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8 months

I just got an email 2 days ago with the link

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Melanie Haas
8 months

Is the email new or would it of came when we bought our tickets?