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4 new U.S. shows added to the 2017 A Moment Apart Tour!

10/21 Las Vegas @ Downtown Las Vegas Events Center
11/13 Grand Rapids @ 20 Monroe Live
11/20 Philadelphia @ Electric Factory
12/11 Boston @ House Of Blues

Pre-sale starts Tuesday 08/22 at 10am local time with password: APART

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about 1 year

Come to Spain please!!!!

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Claudia CR
about 1 year

I'm buying my tickets to see in New York tonight !!! Me and my friend are going to have the best time!😌❤️

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Aaron Thon
about 1 year

cant wait to see you!

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about 1 year

@Amanda Hojnacki Wyatt there is definitely drug use depending on the venue, particularly weed. But I would never pass up an opportunity to see ODESZA!

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about 1 year

North or South Carolina??? 😕

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Amanda Hojnacki Wyatt
about 1 year

Hey everyone, my 9 year old loves odesza (mostly because his mama loves them). He wants to come with me to the Chicago show. Any reason why he shouldn't? Thanks

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yung regz
about 1 year

Atlanta!! 🙁

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Jake Lille
about 1 year

Where's Florida at?

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about 1 year

Come back to Boise!!!

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about 1 year

Floridaaaa :(

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Michael S French
about 1 year

New Comment...photo I took from Red Rock show in 2016

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about 1 year

hell yeah!! I'll be coming from Utah to see that Vegas show!!! 😎

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about 1 year

Still no Houston 😒

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about 1 year

Southeastern U.S. Please. My bday is in January and everyone consentually gets laid at my BDay party.

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about 1 year

Thanks Odesza! Finally in Boston 🙌🏼 Presale @ Tuesday 8/22*

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about 1 year

Vegas! Finally.