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Just got ‘A Moment Apart’ on vinyl! Here’s a couple sneak peek previews from our Instagram live video. Out next week!

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Natalie Ngonela
10 months

Best albumin the entire world! In total awe and admiration for all your work!

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Bryanna Duval
about 1 year

I ordered two vinyls but got 2 CDS send to me instead.. very very upset 😔

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about 1 year

I bought all the vinyls quite a while ago, I'm too pumped!

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Nichole Jozsa
about 1 year

I think I need a vinyl player now, along with this album for it! Goosebumps EVERYWHERE! I cannot wait to see you guys in Chicago!

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Jenifer Flores
about 1 year

Imma be dead honest.. I was watching this live and started crying. You guys how excited are you for Sept 8th😭

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Sabrina Mendoza
about 1 year

My heart 💙💙💙😭😭😭😭

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Juani Mendizábal Choy
about 1 year

Sounds amazing!!! Can't wait to listen to the whole album!!!

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Tyler Davenport
about 1 year

walked out of class to watch the live stream lol

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Shara Cosmos
about 1 year

Sweet heavens that is the most beautiful vinyl ever 🌻

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about 1 year

This week bout to be a long one👀👀

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Taylor Cline
about 1 year

Wait for next week :)

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Taylor Cline
about 1 year

And this is why I love you guys! First off the print is AMAZING. And right when you opened it I got goosebumps. The photographer did an amazing job. Not only did the music itself made my day but the vinyl is freaking CLEAR. Love you guys. Can't wait for next week

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about 1 year

This is going to be the longest 4 days of my life.. can't wait for the album! You guys are awesome!

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about 1 year

love you guys

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about 1 year

Heard La Ciudad and Divide at RR. Both are amazing! The Leon Bridges track tho....sounds like it could be the best song on the album. Can't wait for this week to be over.

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about 1 year

I will y'all would share on this app first!