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Discovered ODESZA with Line Of Sight and then listened to Late Night, Corners Of The Earth and Meridian and totally fell in love with them and with their music. Now this album is touching me in a way that no music has done ever. I love you ODESZA!!!! Thank you for this album

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6 months

tio te recomiendo escuchar la version Live de iplayoulisten y la de say my name

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Lea Dulek
6 months

Now listen to the other albums they are just as amazing!!!!

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7 months

I live in the Canary Islands and they don't even come to Spain so it's gonna be impossible to see them live but I'll watch a live show from YouTube

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7 months

Make sure and see a live show. They're the best.

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7 months

Welcome. I discovered them last year and they've changed my life in such a positive way.

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7 months

Welcome new fan. You are now one of us.