Recommend me songs from their older albums please??

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Yassen Cabrane
about 3 years

how did i get here

about 3 years

sun models, memories that you call, and my friends never die

Vanessa Burns
about 3 years

All we need, hey now, sun models, keep her close, koto, kusanagi

about 3 years

Entire remix catalog, Especially pretty lights and beat connection.

about 3 years

White lies

about 3 years

Thak youu♡

about 3 years

I second the koto suggestion, but really the whole catalogue is can't miss.

about 3 years

Iplayyoulisten, Koto, echoes, memories that you call

about 3 years

There's a hardly any song from Odesza which is unlistenable. Odesza has a rich discography.

Here's my recommendations -

Summers Gone - How did I get here, iPlayyoulisten, Tuytus, Nomadic firs, I want you and Don't stop

In return - Always this late, Say my name, Bloom, All we need, Sundara, White lies, Koto, Echoes, Kusanagi, It's only, Sun models, For us and Light.