Seeing ODESZA in a month and curious how their sets are now after dropping A Moment Apart! Can anyone fill me in?

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almost 3 years

So jealous! I haven’t seen them since RR!

Crystal Young Hee
almost 3 years

Its amazing. I've seen them three times on their tour... great every time. About to see them in Portland, so stoked!👌🏼😊

almost 3 years

also seeing them in a month and can not wait to see the new set!

Vanessa Burns
almost 3 years

The us tour is brand new. And expect surprises.

Kayla Parker
almost 3 years

It is pretty close to the red rocks set. The final encore song is by far the best song I’ve ever seen them preform though, and that was new. BUT the shows I saw were in Europe, I think they are changing it for the US leg.