It’s been truly inspiring to watch the community rally together to help those impacted by the tragedy in Las Vegas.  To help in that effort, we’ll be donating 100% of the net proceeds from ticket sales from our October 21st Las Vegas concert to the Las Vegas Victims’ Fund.

We hope that in some small way this can help continue to bring the community together in a time when unity and compassion are of the utmost importance. 


Harrison and Clay

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Natalie Ngonela
over 2 years

Your beautiful souls speak through your music ❤

Carlene Welch
almost 3 years

As someone who was at RT91 and changed by it forever, thank you. We can’t wait to get back to Vegas, a place we love and do not want to fear, and see you next week.

Michael S French
almost 3 years

From a born native of Vegas Thank you. See you at the show. Cant wait to meet you guys to say it personally.

almost 3 years

seriously continue to amaze me. love you both so much for what you bring to the world. thank you.

Lizzy D
almost 3 years

As someone from Las Vegas.. who has grown up there and considers Vegas home.. this is the most wonderful thing my favorite artists of all time could have ever done ❤️❤️❤️

Julie Boudreaux
almost 3 years

You guys have such kind souls.

Vanessa Burns
almost 3 years

The most kind and beautiful souls, ever.

almost 3 years

What about Puerto Rico??? Im glad your helping las vegas and all but it just blows my mind that only latino artist sent any relief to those American.

Jenifer Flores
almost 3 years

I thought I was out of reasons to love you guys more. I was wrong. 😭