Tour starts TOMORROW

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Natalie Ngonela
about 1 year

ODESZA is life! #chills 😍😍😍

Mikaela Danielle Layer
over 1 year

Ughh I’m trying to get to the Chicago show!

over 1 year

SD for 1st US Tour, now back home Home in Vegas for tonight!!! Thank you Odesza!!!

Michael S French
over 1 year

Have a great night, go out and enjoy yourself. You deserve it!

over 1 year

At least 1 person is waiting for you in unknown country named Belarus

Henry James Terrain
over 1 year

can’t wait to see you in vancouver!

over 1 year

see you in Berkeley

Vanessa Burns
over 1 year

New production is lit! I'm getting chills just thinking about, oh my god wow!! I can't wait to see the show!!

over 1 year

Wow! Super excited to see that show!!

Lekim Yud Nguyen
over 1 year

Can’t wait for y’all to come through Portland! ❤️

over 1 year

Pittsburgh wants you here

over 1 year

Super excited to see you guys finally

over 1 year

Oh my god is this going to be epic

over 1 year

Come to Nashville!

over 1 year

plz come to Houston I need you

over 1 year

Make a new tour date for New Orleans! 😄