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Episode 1

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12 months

Amazing SB show!!!

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Andrew Demitri
12 months

Missing you guys from LA already 😭

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Marie Victoire le Guennou
12 months

when are you come in France ?? Let's goooo

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12 months

I saw you in Red Rocks, two years in a row. I was at Vertex in Salida. Now I'm heading to SF this weekend and I can't even explain my excited! You guys are the best and I'm sure I have a rollercoaster of emotions coming my way! Thank you for creating such beautiful music and art.🙏

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Michael S French
12 months

Thank you for coming to Vegas it was amazing!

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12 months

so lucky living in times where there is Odesza and live shows like THIS. Holy smokes!

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12 months

I would LOVE TO SEE THIS SHOW! Will do what ever Iam asked,.....=)

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12 months

that San Diego show was the bomb diggity.

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Lisa Olson
12 months

So excited for tomorrow 😍😆

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Oakley Trotter
12 months

Please come to New Orleans!!

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Monty Kwan
12 months


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DaarK LegendZ
12 months

OH MY GOD, this was INCREDIBLE ❤️❤️❤️

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Darya Della G
12 months

I cannot wait until tomorrow!!!!! 😍😍😍😍💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛😍😍😍😍😍

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Carlene Welch
12 months

Loved this insight! Staples center was INCREDIBLE and Las Vegas was super emotional. ❤️ thanks guys for being you. You absolutely didn’t fail!

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12 months

Welp.....definitely didn’t fail. I want to live in the new set. Thank you for putting so much effort into bringing us this joy. It truly is unlike anything else out there. Straight up best show in any genre I have ever witnessed!

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Judi Q1
12 months

ça donne trop envie d'aller vous voir sur scène 😎😎😎

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12 months


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12 months

see you in chicago and detroit 😊❤ counting down the days!!!

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12 months


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12 months

Omg that was amazing!! I love the show and I haven’t seen it live yet! Cannot wait to see y’all in Chicago!