ODESZA Vinyl collection finally complete!🎉Along with some merch (minus the Odesza t-shirt I was wearing when I took the photo🙈)

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over 2 years

I ordered mine as an AMA pre-order that came with the discography bundle; it was a package of 'My Friends Never Die', 'Summers Gone', 'In Return' and 'A Moment Apart' on vinyl. It sold out quite fast, and even though I ordered it, I got an email saying due to stock issues, all of them but 'A Moment Apart' would be delayed from a pre-order of Sept 8th to Oct. 6th... and it wasn't until today that I've finally got my hands on the three other vinyls (baring in mind I do live in the U.K. tho...) I think it was only available through their official store, and it said sold out for quite a while, but I've just checked and seems like they've taken the bundle off all together?

over 2 years

Where did you get summer is gone vinyl?!

over 2 years

a hardcore fan

over 2 years

Nice you have a vinyl edition of Summers Gone 👍

Tim Michael
over 2 years