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Episode 2

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Patrick Zito
11 months

May 17th in Orlando!

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about 1 year

Your music does allow me to step away from all the BS & weight holding me
Down. Your music helps me run one, two, maybe four more miles than I thought my body could handle. Your shows cause me to zone out from earth...and for a second I feel like stardust floating around in the sky...Brooklyn can't come
Soon enough. Kill it in Chi tonight!

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about 1 year

Cant wait for the dc show im bringing my 5 year old ava who loves the snot out of your music. Im really grateful to give her this experience at the same age i fell in love with music

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José Mendizabal
about 1 year

Who going to the concert up in Michigan next weekend???

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about 1 year

I wish we had graffiti at the Sacramento show last night. But it was amazing either way 😍😍😍😭😭💕💕💕

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Payton Heinze
about 1 year

You guys should collaborate with”Brasstracks”

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Matt Spencer
about 1 year

You guys slayyyed that night! Such an awesome show! Sixth time seeing you guys and I’d go a hundred more times 👊🏽

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about 1 year

Greatest there is

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about 1 year

I have tears in my eyes right now. you guys, after lost lake, my body is walking cymatic of odesza's music.

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KB Design Photo
about 1 year

The best show. EVER. You all are headed towards greatness, the show hit on every level it could possibly ever obtain. 🙌💥🙏

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about 1 year


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Jenifer Flores
about 1 year

i thought i was done crying. but nope.

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about 1 year

i didnt watched yet but i know its good

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Atssini Cabrera
about 1 year


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Juliette Bonnaire
about 1 year

I want the musicians' sweater😍🙏🏼

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about 1 year

You guys are the fucking GOAT.