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Am I the only one who thinks their Jimmy Kimmel performance didn’t do justice to how unique/enthralling their sound is?

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11 months

I enjoyed it, its good for them to change it up. Im glad they aren’t stuck to a formula.

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11 months

I think only way to truly capture their uniqueness/enthralling sound is by being there to see, hear and feel. They showed thier diversity on Kimmel and that they're not just a typical ordinary act.

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11 months

Agreed. Low energy

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Maria Volkova
11 months

Nope. I didn't even finish watching it. It was so pop-shitshow-like. I hope I'll never see anything like that again from them. I even refused to post it to the Russian fan club page :/

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11 months

I LOVED their Jimmy Kimmel performance.

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KB Design Photo
11 months

It just shows how diversified their music can be, it did catch me by surprise but I was happy with how they performed and showed another unique side to their sounds..