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Surprise appearance by the legend Leon Bridges this weekend in Chicago 🙏

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Natalie Ngonela
10 months

Really sick song/collaboration ❤👌👏

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about 1 year

Chicago show was amazing

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about 1 year

I convinced you guys are geniuses. FAVORITE CONCERT EVER (and I have been to a LOT of concerts).

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about 1 year

long live u both..

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about 1 year

This was amazing

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about 1 year


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about 1 year

I've seen you guys twice at red rocks but this past weekend in Chicago pretty much blew those performances out of the water. Odesza never disappoints.

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about 1 year

will he be in GR tonight???

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Nick C
about 1 year

You guys were incredible. 6th time seeing you and this was by far the most outstanding performance you’ve done

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about 1 year

100% baby making music